Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Right to Complain

Every client has the right to make a complaint, access advocacy and to make suggestions and inquiries.

Associated Youth Services of Peel (AYSP) is committed to providing quality service to children, youth and families. As a part of this commitment, our complaint process is guided by the following principles:

1. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

2. Openness and respect for all traditions, cultures, values and beliefs.

3. The rights, best interests and views of the child or youth will guide the process, regardless of who initiated the complaint.

4. There will not be any negative consequences to anyone, including children, youth and families, as a result of making a complaint.

5. The confidentiality and privacy of individuals and families will be respected.

6. Everyone, including children, youth and families, has the right to involve an advocate, relative or friend to support them through the process.

7. All formal complaints will be responded to within a timely manner.

8. AYSP will work actively to resolve complaints.


1. The client has a right to complain or express a concern about the services he/she has received at AYSP, including complaints regarding breach of privacy.

2. The concern/complaint can be about a staff member, a volunteer, or a student.

3. The staff receiving the concern/complaint discusses with the complainant to determine what their issue is and what they would like to do about it.

4. Whether or not the complainant wants to pursue the matter any further, they should be informed the issue will be brought to the attention of their Supervisor/Manager.

5. A concern/complaint may be made in person, by telephone and/or, in written format.

6. Any complaints made in person or by telephone will be deemed as a client concern/informal complaint.

7. Complaints submitted in writing will be deemed formal complaints.

8. The responsibility for handling any concerns/complaints about a staff performance issue rests with the Supervisor and/or Manager.

9. Anacknowledgementofreceiptofanyformalcomplaints will be forwarded to the complainant within ten (10) business days. A plan to resolve any such complaints will be forwarded to the complainant within thirty (30) business days of the initial complaint.

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