A teacher and student in the library.

Recognizing Individual Success and Excellence (RISE)

The RISE Program is a school-based, multi-faceted program which addresses the needs of children who are displaying signs of anti-social behaviour in the classroom, home and community. The RISE Program is approximately 4 months in duration.

The program has several components which promote and encourage positive behaviour:

  • Individual counselling provides the child with an opportunity to discuss challenging issues. The child will set personal goals, practice social skills and develop effective problem solving skills
  • Family Support includes contact meetings with parents/caregivers to support their child’s progress. Additionally, referrals to other community based groups, pro-social activities, parent education groups, and other resources are provided, as needed
  • School-based collaboration, with ongoing contact and meetings with the child’s school-based team, occurs to facilitate the strengthening of home-school communication and problem solving

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