Family Connections

The Family Connections Program is an intensive outreach program designed to help stabilize families in times of crisis. It is a short-term intervention lasting approximately 8-10 weeks with the possibility of booster sessions (follow-up support) following discharge. A multi-systemic assessment completed by the counsellors facilitates referrals to ongoing services.

Inclusionary Criteria:

  • Residents of Peel
  • Children/youth, up to their 18th birthday
  • A child/youth experiencing mental health issues as demonstrated by externalizing and/or internalizing behaviours
  • A child/youth at risk of requiring more intrusive/long-term care and/or services
  • Families in which a child/youth is at imminent risk of out-of-home placement or is being reintegrated into the family home from placement
  • Parents/caregivers who voluntarily agree to participate in this family-focused intensive program
  • Parents/caregivers willing to accept service immediately (families contacted within 72 hours)
  • Please note: If the identified client has a chronic history of previous mental health services, consultation with the program supervisor is required

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