Section 23 Classroom

For Grade 9 and 10 students unable to attend regular or special education classes within a community school, Peel District School Board and AYSP jointly deliver Section 23 classroom programs in two Peel secondary schools. Programs are personalized and designed to address the students’ individual academic, social and emotional needs, and assist the home school in developing education plans/programs upon discharge.

Goals of the Program:

  • To support students academically and emotionally in a classroom setting
  • To develop effective strategies to address barriers interfering with a student’s educational success
  • To provide psychoeducational programming
  • To provide linkage for students to other community supports as needed
  • To support students with reintegration into mainstream schooling

Inclusionary Criteria:

  • Grade 9 and 10 students (under the age of 17) who have exhausted the resources at their home school
  • Youth moving from outside of the region and who are unknown to the Peel District School Board
  • Youth coming out of custody between semesters

Exclusionary Criteria:

  • Youth who are actively suicidal, homicidal or in need of crisis stabilization
  • Youth who have treatment and/or behavioural needs that cannot be managed in a classroom setting
  • Youth who have police or court restrictions at the schools where the classes are located
  • Youth who have not completed expulsion conditions/requirements

Referral Sources:

  • Peel District School Board (General)
  • Peel District School Board (Host school)
  • AYSP Programs

Referral Process:

All referrals require a case manager at the home school. In addition, any referral from AYSP requires a case manager. Together, the home school and AYSP case manager attend review meetings, implement recommendations and facilitate transition from the classroom. Referral sources are asked to complete an intake package and present the student at an intake meeting.

The Section 23 Program Supervisor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the referral process or program criteria.