Working Together with Families, 0-6

The WTWF, 0-6 Program is an intensive, home based, family-focused intervention for families and children aged 0-6. It is based on a family preservation service delivery model. Counsellors work together with parents/caregivers to strengthen the parent/child relationship and increase parenting skills and their support systems.

Goals of the Program:

  • To strengthen parent/child relationships and improve family functioning
  • To reduce the need for more intensive services in the future
  • To prevent out of home placement of children

Inclusionary Criteria:

  • Families with children aged 0-6 yrs, who are involved with Peel Children’s Aid and may be at risk of out-of-home placement
  • Parents/caregivers who are willing to participate in an intensive in-home program

Exclusionary Criteria:

  • Parents/caregivers who require, but are not receiving, support or treatment for mental health issues, marital conflict, or substance use issues
  • When safety of the worker cannot be ensured

Referral Sources:

  • Peel Children’s Aid
  • Community service providers
  • Self-referrals

Referral Process:

Peel Children’s Aid workers forward referrals to the designated Peel Children’s Aid Supervisor. These are then sent to AYSP’s Intake Specialist.

Partner organizations and AYSP staff working with clients who meet eligibility requirements can make a referral to the WTWF, 0-6 program via the Internal Transfer Protocol.

Parents/caregivers can also make a self-referral by contacting or by calling 905.451.4655.

The WTWF, 0-6 Program Supervisor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the referral process or program criteria.