Parent/Caregiver Workshops

Managing Stress in Teens

Parent/Caregiver virtual workshops are offered regularly throughout the year. “Managing Stress in Teens” provides parents/caregivers of youth an understanding of stress and healthy stress-reducing strategies, including mindfulness. “Parenting in the Digital Age” is a workshop for parent/caregivers which aims to create awareness and empower caregivers in addressing issues relating to social media, online gaming and cyber bullying.

Detailed topics include:

  • What is stress and anxiety
  • The impact of stress on the body and functioning
  • Signs of stress and early identification
  • Common stressors
  • Healthy versus unhealthy coping strategies
  • Stress-reducing strategies for caregivers and their teens (ages 12-17 years old)
  • A particular focus will be placed on the stressors related to COVID-19

Parenting in the Digital Age

This virtual parent/caregiver workshop focuses on social media, screen time, and cyberbullying.

Detailed topics include:

  • How to talk to teens about online privacy and how to protect themselves
  • Monitoring and setting limits on screen time
  • Promoting safe screen-time usage
  • Understanding the risks and effects of cyberbullying and how to help protect children/youth from cyberbullying

How to register

These workshops are offered regularly throughout the year. Eventbrite invitations are sent to DPCDSB, PDSB and to community service providers, in order to make these available to all caregivers of Peel students and children/youth in the community.

When available, these workshops can also be accessed via in new window.