Family Programs

At AYSP, we are dedicated to helping children, youth and families manage mental health and/or justice issues, realize their potential and contribute to their communities. 


The Counselling Program provides individual and family counselling for children and youth aged 0-17 and/or their families. Sessions are office-based and length of service may be up to 6 months, as determined by client need.

Family Connections

The Family Connections program is an intensive outreach program designed to help stabilize families in times of crisis. It is a short-term intervention lasting approximately 8-10 weeks, for children and youth aged 0-17 and their caregivers.


AYSP offers several group programs throughout the year for parents and caregivers of children and youth aged 0-17. Groups are community-based and short-term, providing education, support and the opportunity to discuss and practice new parenting strategies to reduce stress and improve parent-child/youth relationships.

Multisystemic Therapy Program (MST)

The MST Program is an intensive, short-term intervention (3-5 months) which involves the whole family. It is a home-based, family-focused treatment which  aims to reduce antisocial behaviour and improve family functioning, peer relations, and school performance of youth aged 12-17. Sessions are goal-focused, strength-based, and occur 2+ times a week in the youth’s natural environment.

Parent Adolescent Counselling Program

PAC-P is a home-based, short-term intervention 4-6 months, which aims to decrease family conflict and improve family functioning, peer relations, and school performance. Sessions with youth aged 12-17 and their parents/caregivers are goal-focused, strength-based, and occur once a week in the family home, community or youth’s natural environment.

Recognizing Individual Success and Excellence (RISE)

The RISE Program is a school-based, multifaceted program which addresses the needs of children aged 6-9 who are displaying signs of anti-social behaviour in the classroom, home and community. The program is approximately 4 months in duration and has components which promote and encourage positive behaviour.


This program provides access to a single session of counselling for children and youth aged 0-17 and/or their parents/caregivers. It is a collaboration between AYSP, Peel Children’s Centre (PCC) and Rapport Youth and Family Services and is run one day a week out of each agency. AYSP: Tuesday, PCC: Wednesday, Rapport: Thursday. Hours of service are 9am-8pm, no appointment needed. Individual and family counselling for youth aged 0-17.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

The Triple P, Positive Parenting Program, is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world, backed up by more than 35 years of ongoing research. Triple P gives parents/caregivers simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children/youth’s behaviour and prevent problems from developing.

Working Together with Families (WTWF 0-6)

The WTWF, 0-6 Program is an intensive, home based, family-focused intervention for families and children aged 0-6. It is based on a family preservation service delivery model. Counsellors work together with parents/caregivers to strengthen the parent/child relationship and increase parenting skills and their support systems.

“Positive experience with a great outcome and has improved my mindset towards communicating.”
PAC-P Program Client

To access AYSP’s Youth mental health programs, please contact AYSP’s Youth Specialist at 905.890.5222.

For access to our Family based mental health services for children and youth, click the link or call 905.451.4655.

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