A silhouette of a young child and an adult holding hands in front of a bright yellow/orange sunset.
A black and white image of a young child holding a cardboard model of a house. An adult's hands are cupped around the child's hands.
The silhouette of a woman standing with outstretched arms on a hilltop that overlooks a valley. A light blue sky appears to the right of the image, with dark/gray clouds are seem to the right of the image.
A family of paper dolls are spread out between the cupped hands of an adult.
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Visit the web site at www.tangerinewalkin.com

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is available free of charge to children and youth, up to their 18th birthday, and their parents, caregivers or adult supporters.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 may access this service independently. Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is only available to residents of the Region of Peel.

AYSP Program Guide

Please take a look at the “AYSP Program Guide” to learn more about our programs and referral pathways.

AYSP Program Guide