Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Program (DBT)

DBT is an evidence-based therapy developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington utilizing cognitive-behaviour treatment combined with acceptance strategies and Zen philosophy. The DBT Program provides therapeutic services to youth who have experienced suicidal thoughts, actions, and/or self-harming behavior in addition to quality of life-interfering behaviours and interpersonal issues. DBT workers take a compassionate view of the client and accept them for who they are, while helping them to make changes and to work towards their personal goals.

DBT treatment ranges from 6-12 months and includes:

  • Weekly, individual therapy sessions for the youth
  • 20 week skills training group for youth and their caregiver/support person
  • 24-hour phone coaching for youth and their caregiver/support person (for help applying skills in real life situations)
  • Family counselling, as appropriate

Inclusionary Criteria:

  • Youth who reside in Peel
  • Youth between their 15th and 18th birthday
  • Youth who experience several of the following:
    • Life-threatening behaviours
    • Quality-of-life interfering behaviours
    • Recurrent suicidal thoughts or attempts
    • Difficulty in interpersonal relationships
    • Frequent mood swings
    • Intense fear of abandonment
    • Sense of emptiness or confusion about self
    • Family conflict

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