Adolescent Team

The Adolescent Team Program is a service in partnership with Peel Children’s Aid, Associated Youth Services of Peel (AYSP) and Peel Children’s Centre – Peel Wraparound Process.

The AYSP Adolescent Team Program offers counselling and support to families who are involved with the Peel Children’s Aid Society Adolescent Team, where risk factors are related to parent – adolescent conflict and the youth is at risk of removal from the home.

The AYSP Family Worker and Youth Worker will work together with the youth and parents/caregivers to decrease family conflict and build positive relationships.

The Family Worker will provide family counselling, including behaviour management and problem-solving strategies, communication and relationship-building skills.

The Youth Worker will support youth through one-to-one counselling, social skills development, encouraging participation in community activities and through the development of support networks.

Inclusionary Criteria:

  • Youth between their 12th and 15th birthday
  • Youth at risk of removal from the home due to parent-adolescent conflict
  • Youth and parents/caregivers who voluntarily agree to participate
  • Youth who are living at home or will be integrated back home

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